This ongoing body of work is my reaction to the increasing demands and distractions of the modern day-to-day grind in Tokyo and is very much a product of the experience and exploration of trying to find some quiet in such clamour.  The slow and gradual retracing of steps and building of layers through line, colour and imagery are very much a personal metaphor for a contemplation of one’s existence (oneself, one’s actions and one’s memories) and result in a work somewhere between abstraction and the representation of such a state.  In the work, just as the addition of a new line or colour, or the retracing of a line, can cause it to merge into something fresh, or be redefined, so too can the reflection on things past evolve and change one’s perception.  In the process of doing this, I hope to feel, regain and retain the energy of the lived and contemplated moment and to hopefully depict this vitality in the work through its content and formal qualities.

Each work is the result of a gradual process where each step and stage informs and influences the next.  The works typically begin with simple line in ink.  Sometimes the lines are continuous, sometimes not; always though, they do connect and intertwine.  The lines continue; they drip and from them come images of faces all sharing the same moment, space and form.  Colour is selected and added quickly and in doing so reshapes and redefines the already present forms and shapes.  Once the colours have been blocked in, I often go back to ink and retrace the shapes that remain like memories to give them an extra dose of electricity so that their vitality might live on.  The pace of the work varies with the initial stages being typically fast, free and flowing and then gradually slowing; becoming more focused and contemplative as the work progresses.  I find the latter part of the work quite meditative: as the process slows and the eye zooms in onto small areas of pure shape and form, the mind too is freed of distraction.

The work that I have done in the past and always wanted to do has very much been introspective, instinctual and about the exploration and expression of a state of mind that I feel but am incapable of expressing effectively in words.  Increasingly, I find that the time and silence necessary for such introspection, meditation and creation is becoming harder to come by; be it due to the demands of the day or the overwhelming and ever increasing bombardment of the senses and private space with information and distraction.  I think this is very much a symptom of the age we live in and for me, the ability to free oneself from such distraction and desensitisation (if only for a short time) is of most importance .  The creation of these works is for me as much a meditative and therapeutic experience as it is a conscious act of creating something lasting and tangible.  It is through this work that I re-stake a claim on my own time, will and sense of well being.